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Top 100 Hypnosis Blogs

The North Jersey Hypnosis Blog Is One of The Top 100 Hypnosis Blogs

The North Jersey Hypnosis Blog has been selected as one of the Top 100 Hypnosis Blogs on the web. Here is the link to the Feedspot Top 100 Blogs list. Please enjoy the articles on my blog. I hope these writings help to educate and entertain you. I hope they can help you to see the truth.

Addiction Can Fool

An Addiction Can Fool You Into Thinking It’s Your Best Friend

In helping many people overcome their addiction, I have learned there is one huge obstacle that is very hard for most people to overcome. The most difficult thing for most people in giving up their addiction is the fact that they have to give up their best friend. An addiction can fool you into thinking

Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early With Hypnosis

Recently, a gentleman called me up and asked me if I could help him wake up early. His job required him to wake up early – around 5:00 in the morning – and he was getting to work late. He was at risk of losing his job because he was having such a difficult time


Happiness – Create It With The Power Of Your Mind

Is happiness something that you get by chance? Or can you create your own happiness? You can find joy and contentment in your life when you learn to control your mind. You must learn to think for your own happiness. It’s so easy to focus on the problems you are having. You always hear people complaining


How Many Senses Do You Really Have?

You have been taught since you were very young that you have 5 senses. Sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. But is that all the senses you have? Do you have more? Or do you really only have 1 sense? Do You Have More Than 5 Senses? How can you have more than 5 senses?

Develop Greater Patience

Develop Greater Patience

Patience is a virtue. So how can you develop greater patience? Can you keep your cool when you are enduring through life’s struggles? One of the greatest talents you can evolve throughout the course of your life is to develop greater patience. “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Con Artists

Con Artists – How To Protect Yourself From Them

What is the best way to protect yourself from con artists? Simple answer – don’t play their game. The first rule of con artists is that you can’t cheat an honest person. So con artists try to find someone who wants to get something for nothing – and then they will give that person nothing for

Combat Anxiety

How To Combat Anxiety And Insomnia At Bedtime

This article is written by guest author Marie Miguel. When your head hits the pillow, you wish you could sleep. You try your best to saw some logs and count all of the sheep you can muster. However, sleep alludes you. Your mind could be going full steam ahead, thinking about tomorrow’s events or analyzing

Technology Addiction

Technology Addiction

There are all kinds of addictions. The obvious addictions that we are all aware of are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, eating, working, etc. Have you ever thought there was a technology addiction, too? How many people do you know who can’t stop checking their phone or device for messages or updates? All the different devices –


Why Is Everyone So Angry?

It seems that everyone is so angry these days. So many of the newscasters, celebrities, politicians, protesters, etc. are exhibiting so much rage. So many characters on your favorite TV shows and movies are all so angry. And those are just the people you see on TV and the news. What about all the regular people


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