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What kind of food are you eating

What Kind Of Food Are You Eating?

Many people come to see me so they can “lose weight”. There are so many variables that go into someone who is not at a healthy weight. I wrote this page about using hypnosis to get back to your healthy weight. I don’t like to use the phrase “lose weight”. You’re not going to “lose”


Science – The Next Great Religion

About 500 years ago, a new religion was created. It was called Science. Science had always been around, but it had not been regarded as the source of legitimate answers to questions. Answering the questions of the unknown and unexplained was the realm of the religions. Whether it was the mainstream popular religions – Christianity,

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks

Recently on the popular TV show “This Is Us’, they featured a story line where one of the main characters suffered anxiety attacks. Here is a link to a story and video about the episode. The way the anxiety attack was portrayed was very realistic. It showed how crippling and devastating the effects of an attack


Media And Mind Control

What is the true objective of the media? What is their job? They should be there to protect the public, the average citizens, from the lies and deceit of the people in power. The media should be the watchdogs – calling out the lies and informing the public what the truth is. But they don’t

Break Stubborn Patterns

Break Stubborn Patterns That Are Holding You Back

So many people are “stuck in a rut”. They keep doing the same habits over and over again. Thoughts and behaviors that they do not want to entertain anymore. But they still keep acting upon them. You can use hypnosis to break stubborn patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential for happiness

Flat Earth

The Flat Earth Investigation

Do We Live On A Flat Earth – Or Is It A Globe? This question seems so ridiculous. Of course we live on a a globe – it’s not a flat earth. We’ve all been taught that since we were very young. The first day of kindergarten, you walk into your classroom and you see

Enjoy The Holidays

Enjoy The Holidays

I usually write these articles to educate and enlighten you about the power of the mind. And how you can tap into that power and use it so you can improve your life. But I am writing this article to remind you to enjoy the holidays. I know it’s obvious, but sometimes we all forget

Earn More Money

Earn More Money With Hypnosis

You can accomplish many things using hypnosis. You can sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, gain more confidence, overcome addictions, quit smoking, lose weight, and much more. But how can you earn more money with hypnosis? With hypnosis, you will enhance your performance in any way you want. It could be athletically or academically. Or for the purpose

Doctors Words

Doctors Words

All throughout my life dealing with health problems, I have had to visit many doctors. One thing that I learned was how powerful doctors words truly are. The doctors words can either help your recovery – or the words can do just the opposite and make you worse. We have all been conditioned to believe

Improve Digestion

Improve Digestion

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season around the corner, so many people will be eating and drinking a lot. When you are relaxed and at ease when you are eating, you will improve digestion. This relaxation will help you to be healthier and happier – and feel much better about yourself. Get Rid of Tension


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