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Overcome Fear With Hypnosis

How Can You Overcome Fear?

The simple answer is to overcome fear is to believe in yourself, relax and be confident. Know that you can overcome any obstacle, any adversity. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more these fears just seem to drift away like smoke drifting on the wind. And the more relaxed you are, the less these things will scare you or bother you.

Overcome FearHypnosis is an ideal way to overcome fear, improve your self-confidence, and to deeply relax. You will get to know levels of relaxation and confidence you never thought possible.

And coincidentally, the more confident you are, the more relaxed you become. And the more relaxed you are, the more confident you become. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Fear is really just a habit or an addiction. A certain stimulus creates the fear response. The stimulus could be snakes, heights, flying, etc. You can become habitually scared of something that there is no reason to be scared of. Hypnosis will help you see the truth – that there was never anything to be scared of in the first place.


A phobia is a condition where fear reactions are brought on by a specific situation (an anchor or a trigger). It may be snakes, heights, public speaking, stage fright, flying, closed places, crowds, etc. Anything can be a trigger – someone could have a phobia of just about anything. We have all heard of the myriad of phobias there are. The trigger (snakes, public speaking, heights, etc.) causes massive irrational fear.

This trigger has nothing to do with your real problem – it’s just a reason or an excuse to be afraid. Fear reactions are normal for everyone, but most phobias exist where there is no danger. Even though it may seem silly, it does not stop the intense fear. It’s just the way someone has been handling their fears – they put all the fears in one place that they are familiar with. And when they encounter the anchor/trigger, they respond with all that fear.

The Most Limiting Fear

The most limiting fear is the fear of what other people may think of you. That seems to be the root of pretty much all fears – public speaking, fear of failure, etc. Think about it – how concerned are you about the opinions of others. Most people are afraid of what others think of them. And fear paralyzes desire.

Your true self, your higher self is hidden inside – held back by the fear of others seeing the real you. As your confidence and self-esteem grow, you will be less bothered by what others think of you.

“Fear is the parent of worry, hate, jealousy, malice, anger, discontent, and failure and all the rest. The only way to be truly free is to get rid of fear. Tear it out by the roots.

– William Walker Atkinson in “Thought Vibration”

Tear Fear Out By The Roots

Fear is faith misplaced. When you put more faith, trust and belief into the opinions of others, you lose a certain amount of confidence. To overcome fear, you want to put your belief in yourself, your instincts, and your intuitions. Have faith in yourself.

Just about everything we’ve ever been taught is to have faith in the opinions and beliefs of others – government, doctors, religions, etc. We are taught to rely on others, instead of believing in ourselves.

The best way to tear fear out by the roots is to believe in yourself – your true self, your higher self. And realize the truth – that there was never anything to be afraid of. Use hypnosis to overcome fear.

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