About HypnosisWhat is hypnosis? Learning about hypnosis, you will discover that true hypnosis is you taking control of your own mind.

Hypnosis has been around since the dawn of time. It is a gift from Mother Nature – it’s the oldest form of healing. It’s been called many different names through the ages – temple sleep, animal magnetism, mesmerism, the royal touch, mono-ideaism, the charm, the fascination. Simply put – it’s a deep, relaxing, peaceful state of mind. It is the most efficient way of communicating directly with the deeper/higher parts of your mind. Your mind will be more receptive to suggestions. You will take back control of your mind.

Trust Mother Nature – Trust the Power of Your Own Nature, Your Instincts, Your Intuitions

Hypnosis will help you get back in touch with your true nature. It will create a feeling of peace in mind, body and soul – so that healing, balance, rejuvenation, transformation can take place.

When talking about hypnosis, you should think of hypnosis has a gift from Mother Nature – appreciate the gift and learn to use it. Maintain your humanity in this unnatural society of computers and machines and abnormal thoughts.

Get back to nature – get back to your true, natural self. Your true self is calm, relaxed, genuine, and real. You’re at ease, not in the state of dis-ease. You will keep the mind open and free of the negative influences and conditioning – and open to your true self, your higher self.

Hypnosis Is Safe And Natural

Contrary to popular opinion, when you are hypnotized you will not enter into a state of unconsciousness or oblivion. In fact, you will be completely aware of all your surroundings – your senses and focus and concentration and suggestibility are all heightened.

You may be familiar with the terms conscious and subconscious mind. I do not like the term ‘subconscious’ because it implies that it is below your understanding – that you don’t have access to it. But you do have access to those deeper parts of your mind – you just have to learn how to get back in touch with your higher mind – your higher self.

Hypnosis shatters the limitations we have imposed on ourselves. You can have anything you desire. You just need to eliminate the limitations of belief. If you defend or argue for your own limitations, you get the reward of keeping those same limitations.

Many people look at hypnosis and think mind control. “That hypnotist is going to take control of my mind.” But it really is about you taking back control of your own mind. You will get back control of your mind, fears, emotions – so you will control them, instead of your fears, emotions, insecurities controlling you. You will take back control of your life.

Let Your Animal Magnetism Out

You will get in touch and find your own inner resources and abilities to handle and deal with life and its challenges. There are untold powers in your mind that are not realized for any number of reasons. You can tap into abilities that you did not realize you already have. Kind of like the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion in “The Wizard of Oz”.

Hypnosis is the most versatile tool in medicine. People have many misconceptions about hypnosis. It is also one of the most mis-understood (and effective) tools for self-improvement and self-change. As a tool for self-discovery and spiritual development, it is unequalled.

The mind has no limits.

Can You Be Hypnotized?

Yes – all it takes is the desire and willingness. Anyone can be hypnotized, including children.

The higher your intelligence and the better your imagination – the better you will do. You will have the capacity to enter the trance more easily and efficiently. And coincidentally, intelligent people with a good imagination are the ones who tend to be attracted to hypnosis. It goes against much of the mainstream view that only mentally weak and stupid can be hypnotized. The truth about hypnosis is actually just the opposite.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

Learn about hypnosis and how to use hypnotism and the power of your mind to ______________

I left that blank so you can fill in the rest of how you want to use hypnosis. It could be: get healthy, reach your full potential, become more creative, achieve what you want, fulfill your desire, make your goals/dreams come true. Whatever you want, your utilization of hypnosis is up to you.

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