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Sports Hypnosis

Enhance Your Abilities With Sports Hypnosis

How many times have you heard from great players and champions that 90% of the game is mental. When you reach a certain level, everyone has the physical tools to play – it comes down to the mental side of the game. Sports hypnosis will help you improve your mental and spiritual strength.

Sports HypnosisSports Hypnosis To Conquer Your Fears

Everyone has their own fears, doubts, and insecurities when participating in athletics. Stepping into the batter’s box when the opposing pitcher is throwing at such a high velocity. Getting into the ring (or Octagon) when the opponent looks unbeatable and he’s looking to do serious bodily harm to you. These are the obvious threats because of the potential for physical harm.

But what about more subtle fears? The most limiting fear people have is the fear of what others may think. Stepping up to the free throw line to make crucial foul shots. Having to make a 6-foot putt to win the match. The fears from these activities don’t seem nearly as intimidating as getting painfully hit with a hard ball, or some giant opponent hitting you. You’re not going to get hurt when you are shooting a free throw. But these fears are real – and sometimes even more intense than the threat of physical harm.

I would get the most intense butterflies in my stomach before a football game. The reason is obvious – there was a chance I would get hurt. I never really got that nervous feeling playing other sports. Until I started playing golf. The butterflies in my stomach were seemingly out of control as I would step up to first tee before an important match. Obviously there was nothing to fear – except the fear of the opinions of others.

Sports hypnosis will help you control your mind. Be in control of the fears, doubts, and insecurities. Don’t let them control you.

Sports Hypnosis To Focus

You’ll learn to focus and block out the distractions. You won’t be worried or concerned about others. You will focus all of your attention and energy on the task at hand – to the exclusion of all else. You’ll achieve that laser-like focus and concentration. Sports hypnosis will help you stay focused and in the moment.

Sports Hypnosis To Get In The Zone

When you are in The Zone, the mind lets go and all flows effortlessly. Total focus and concentration. The parts of the mind and body that are essential to the task at hand are fully engaged – those that are not needed, turn off. Time slows down, and you are not aware of any effort. Once you start thinking about it, many parts of your mind are turned on and egaged – and the energy stops flowing through you effortlessly. Active thinking takes you right out of The Zone.

I used to play a lot of basketball. There were times when I got in The Zone – I couldn’t miss a shot. I knew the ball was going to go through the net before it left my hand. The basket looked as big as the ocean. As soon as I would think to myself how well I was playing – bang – right out of The Zone.

There is an old theory in baseball not to tell the pitcher he’s throwing a no-hitter. The team doesn’t want their pitcher to know how well he is playing – they don’t want him to ‘snap out of it’. Is that superstition or is that theory rooted in this truth that active thinking will take you out of The Zone?

It doesn’t matter which sport or athletic contest you want to participate in. It could be individual sports or team sports. I’ve worked with athletes in just about every sport or game – running, wrestling, football, hockey, basketball, golf, track & field, baseball, you name it. The important thing is you will enhance your performance with sports hypnosis – and be the best you can be.


  1. John Higgins on November 28, 2020 at 7:48 pm said:

    My best friend and golf buddy is having a tough time with his golf swing. Is this something you can help with. He keeps stopping is swing once he hits the ball instead of following Thru with his swing

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