Is Hypnosis Safe?

There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding hypnosis. The vast majority of people have no idea of what true hypnosis actually is. It’s obvious why people have the wrong idea about hypnotherapy when you look at the movies and tv shows and books and stage shows. Some of those stories can be scary. And people might think they will lose control and be under the ‘spell’ of the hypnotist. But in truth, hypnosis is safe. The hypnotic trance is your most natural state of being.

Hypnosis Is A Free Mind

When you are in the hypnotic trance, your mind is free. Unencumbered by the stress, worries, doubts, fears and thoughts that can burden you. You return back to your peaceful natural self. In fact, you will be more safe and secure in the state of hypnosis than you are in your normal waking state.

You Are Still In Control When You Are Hypnotized

The most common fear I hear from people who are first learning the art of hypnosis is they fear they will lose control. That they will do or say something that they do not want to do or say. But it’s important you understand that you will always be in control. You will not allow yourself to do something that goes against your moral code. And only hypnotists of bad character will even attempt to try to get you to do something you don’t want to do. That’s why it’s so important to get to know the person who will be conducting the hypnosis. Listen to what other people say about the hypnotist. Or even better talk to the hypnotist on the phone so you get to know him and what he is all about.

You Are Safe And Secure

Never mind the stories and movies you see on tv and movies. And know that true hypnosis is you returning back to your true self. Where all the cares of the world just drift away like smoke drifting on the wind.

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