The 4 Biggest Myths About Hypnosis

Myth #1 – You will do everything the hypnotist tells you to do.

Truth – You will do nothing to violate your moral code. You will not carry out any suggestions unless they are acceptable to you. You are always in complete control.


Myth #2 – You will tell secrets and say things you don’t want to say.

Truth – You will not reveal any secrets or personal information. You will not say or do anything that you wouldn’t say or do under normal waking conditions.


Myth#3 – You will get ‘zonked out’ and not know or remember what is said.

Truth – You will be completely aware of everything that is said. Your hearing and your senses are more alert than they are in the waking state.


Myth #4 – You might not wake up.

Truth – You will wake up. You are not ‘asleep’ – you can awaken yourself at any time. You may feel so good about this wonderful, relaxed state that you may want to stay that way, even when the hypnotist is ready to end the session.


Most of the Myths About Hypnosis are brought on by the movies, books, and TV shows that portray the hypnotist as the evil guy with a goatee who takes control of people and makes those people do the bidding of the hypnotist. Or from the stage shows where participants go up on stage and dance like Britney Spears or quack like ducks. Most of those people who go on stage are extroverts who are there for the show and want to perform on stage and be entertained. These movies and stage shows give people the wrong idea about hypnosis.

But that is not what true hypnotism is. Go to the page What Is Hypnosis for a more detailed explanation. You should know the real truth behind hypnosis – what it really is and the advantages and benefits you can all get from using it. Dispel these Myths About Hypnosis – and get rid of the lies and the “hocus-pocus” element that have scared some people from using hypnosis.

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