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Famous People Who Use Hypnosis

Here is a list of famous men and women throughout history who have used hypnosis to help themselves become successful. They have been hypnotized to become more creative, have better focus, be more disciplined, and have better control of their minds. Some of the greatest minds in history have used hypnosis to improve themselves, to enhance their abilities, and to be the best they can be. Great thinkers, scientists, artists, musicians, athletes, and entertainers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sir Isaac Newton

Thomas Edison

Henry Ford

Nikola Tesla

Marie Curie

Leonardo da Vinci


Aldous Huxley

Albert Einstein

John F. Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy

Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud

Charles Dickens

Edgar Allen Poe

Marlon Brando

Kevin Costner

Charlize Theron

Matt Damon

Sylvester Stallone

Sharon Stone

Oprah Winfrey

Michael Jordan

Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus

Muhammed Ali

Mike Tyson

Dolly Parton

John McEnroe


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Angela Lansbury

Gary Player

Winston Churchill

Ivan Pavlov

Roger Bannister – broke the ‘mental barrier’ of a 4-minute mile

Rod Carew – used hypnosis to help recover from injury and hit almost .400 in MVP season

These men and women of success have all used hypnosis to improve their lives. Why not you?


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