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My name is John Bolger. I am a certified New Jersey hypnotist and hypnotherapist serving patients in Whippany, NJ.

Using my hypnotherapy services, I will show you the ideal way to heal yourself and improve your life. Hypnotherapy creates a feeling of peace in mind, body and soul. As a result healing, balance, and rejuvenation can all take place.

He is truly gifted and so easy to talk to. I walked in defeated, depressed and thinking I was going into this deep hole I could not crawl out of. I was crying for 4 weeks straight when I walked in, not eating, not sleeping. He unblocked my mind completely. I feel like a new person today, and I am back to myself laughing and smiling again. I am forever grateful and I only had one session. I cannot recommend him enough!!
17:14 19 Jan 23
Fear not! This man will put you completely at ease. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to change. He is kind and considerate. I have been seeing him for a while now. My life keeps getting better and better. John Bolger will help you!
Kristen Albert
Kristen Albert
13:00 29 Jun 21
John made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. He was very welcoming and comforting, and helped to quell all of my anxieties I had about hypnosis. The hypnosis itself was amazing, I went deep and came out of it feeling very light and liberated. I Definitely recommend anyone needing help with anything to pay John a visit.Davon
Durk Deberry
Durk Deberry
23:36 28 Apr 21
Very thankful for my experience with John. He listened to my issues and really took the time to understand exactly what I needed. He was very polite and I felt very comfortable during the
Minas Frangos
Minas Frangos
02:49 29 Jul 20
John is an amazing therapist. He makes you feel comfortable while gaining an understanding of what you need. It worked...results were immediate for a lifetime habit that I tried over and over to break without success. Additionally, John helped with confidence and motivation. I highly recommend.
SueAnne Reynolds
SueAnne Reynolds
15:12 17 Jul 20
Extremely grateful for my experience with John. Truly a genuine healer, sessions with him were immensely beneficial. He makes the time to make you feel comfortable and sincerely help you achieve your goals and address your issues. The space is very clean and comforting and John makes sure to create a safe space for discussion. Anyone surely has something to learn from him, as he has so much to offer anyone who walks in his doors.
Alexa c
Alexa c
03:11 29 Feb 20
John is an amazing hypnotist- really an empathetic healer devoted to understanding your issues and to providing affirmations through the hypnosis process. He spends time to get to know you and is genuinely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. I highly recommend.
Kerrie Bellisario
Kerrie Bellisario
22:41 21 Feb 19
I really enjoyed my hypnosis session with John Bolger. This was extremely beneficial for my confidence and motivation. The whole experience is very relaxing and you feel at ease during and after the session and the good feelings last forever because he's talking to your subconscious while you're in a trance. Hypnosis has helped me relieve depression and anxiety, and has improved my sleep. I recently went for help to get over a relationship and to stop thinking about things I could have done differently. He helped me to let go of the past and motivated me to focus on my goals. I recommend giving hypnosis a try, it will help you in so many ways!
Michael Hankins
Michael Hankins
20:36 12 Mar 18
Absolutely an amazing therapist. The space was clean the temperature was perfect and what an absolute pleasure John was! I drove home with such a clear mind confident that my goals will be achieved.
Afton Werner
Afton Werner
19:11 19 Feb 16
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    Take back control of your life. Find peace. Hypnotherapy allows you to feel better about yourself. You will display outward confidence and radiate energy. Hypnotherapy releases your most natural self, optimizing your performance in everything that you do. Become the best person you can be.

    Visit my office in Northern New Jersey in Morris County near Morristown, accessible near Route 80, Route 287, and Route 10.

    While I was going through some difficult times in my life, I made a deal with myself that I would spend the rest of my life helping anyone in need – to dedicate my life as a hypnotist NJ.  I’m here to help anyone who asks for it.

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