Become More Creative With Hypnosis

How You Can Be More Creative

If you want to become more creative – the first thing you have to do is relax. Be truly relaxed and at peace, and you can then open up to the source of all creativity. When you are hypnotized, you are able to quiet your mind – and clear the emotional clutter. You can then enter that silent, peaceful place within where all creativity lies.

The Most Creative People Use Hypnosis

Great artists, musicians, and innovative thinkers all know how to open the path to the source of creativity. Some of these great artists have been taught; others just seem to know how to do it instinctively. But the great works of art and the ingenious creative ideas all come from the same place.

Thomas Edison was known to doze off and take 10-minute cat naps while he was working – and he would wake up with new ideas and inspirations. Wolfgang Mozart was taught hypnosis at a young age. He was able to quiet his mind and tune into this creative source to compose his masterpieces. When Michaelangelo was preparing to create his famous statue of David, he would quiet his mind and just look at the raw, un-carved block of marble. He would just stare at it all day, everyday for weeks. Someone asked him what he was doing for all that time – Michaelangelo’s response was, “I’m working.”

Creativity is not limited to just art, music, literature, invention, and science. We all have to use creative thinking to come up with solutions to everyday problems. As Dr. Trisuzzi once said, “One exceptional creative idea can change the course and quality of your life.”

Distractions Hurt Creativity

One of the main reasons there is such a lack of creativity in the world today is because there are so many obstructions to this source of creativity. All the distractions right at your fingertips – the smart phones, the internet, TV, the news that is designed to make you anxious, and so much more. And add that on top of the busy lives everyone seems to have. Worried about the job, the kids, schoolwork, family, money, the mortgage, it never ends. There seems to always be something to get your attention, and distract you from true creativity.

Artists, thinkers, musicians, and philosophers from centuries past had a distinct advantage over their modern counterparts – they did not have so many distractions as we do today.

Get The Creativity Flowing

All these distractions and the day-to-day stressful thoughts can really hinder the creative process. It’s very difficult in modern society to quiet your mind and focus on the creativity within. Hypnosis is an optimal way to get in touch with your creative self. When you are hypnotized, you can open up that path to true creativity – and really listen to that voice of creativity within. And those creative ideas will start flowing.

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