How To Be Persuasive In Sales

Influence Others With The Power Of Suggestion

You can learn how to be persuasive in sales with hypnosis. When you are making a sale – you are basically influencing people to buy from you. With the power of suggestion, you will improve and enhance your ability to influence others – and be more persuasive in sales.

Customers don’t like to be ‘sold to’. They want to buy – they want to make the decision. A successful plan for a sales person is to subtly and subliminally influence the buyer without them even knowing it. When you learn to use hypnosis, you will learn how to influence and persuade.

Use Your Animal Magnetism

Successful and effective sales people are self-confident and enthusiastic – they know how to be persuasive in sales. They just exude confidence and enthusiasm, not only in themselves, but also in the product or service being sold. You can improve your confidence, create enthusiasm, and enhance your concentration and focus with hypnosis.

In addition to becoming more confident and more focused, you will develop at the two most important skills of a successful sales person –

1. the ability to listen

2. the ability to create that all-important rapport

LISTEN – And Not Just To The Spoken Words

With hypnosis, you will learn how to really listen. Not just to the words they say, but also to the meaning behind those words. It’s not just the spoken words, but also HOW they said it. Less than 10% of communication is the actual spoken words. 30% is the tone and voice inflection. And 60% of communication is body language. If you’re not listening, you are going to miss out on opportunities. With hypnosis, you will be able to read these signs, and learn the meaning behind all these cues – and become a powerful and effective listener.

Create Magnetic Rapport

People want to buy from sales people who they can relate to. They want someone they feel that they know and trust.

Centuries ago, before the term ‘hypnosis’ was coined, it was known as ‘animal magnetism’. Draw out that certain something inside that attracts people to you – that magnetic quality that can’t really be described. Others just know they want to spend time with you. Do business with you. Buy from you.

Use hypnosis to become more magnetic.

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