Laser-Like Focus With Hypnosis

How can you attain that laser-like focus, so your attention is powerfully focused on one thing – to the exclusion of everything else? There could be hundreds of distractions all around, but you have to keep your attention and intention on one key thing. It could be task at work, doing something with your kids, playing an instrument, maybe even just planning out what needs to be done for the day. But you have to have that complete focus on the task at hand so all the distractions will not throw you off course.

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Focus With Hypnosis

To be successful, you have to block out distractions and maintain your focus on the goal. Distractions come out from everywhere. The obvious distractions like the phone, the computer, people talking, unwanted noises, etc. can get your attention away from the task at hand. But sometimes the things that are most distracting are your thoughts, opinions, and emotions. You may feel pressure or doubt or fear. Your own mind could be the biggest distraction from your focus.

Mono-Ideaism – One Idea At A Time

Dr. James Braid coined the term ‘hypnosis’ in the 1820’s. He thought the state was just like natural sleep.  Hypnos is the Greek word for sleep; and Hypnos is the the Greek god of sleep.

About a year after he came up with the term ‘hypnosis’, he realized that he made a mistake. This state or trance was not really sleep at all. So he wanted to change the name from hypnosis to ‘mono-ideaism’ – one idea at a time. But that name never caught on – it was and still is known as hypnosis.

Powerful Attention And Intention

The guy who literally came up with the name ‘hypnosis’ wanted to change the name to ‘mono-ideaism’ – he knew the power of focused attention. You focus your attention on one idea at a time and allow the distractions to just drift away. Being hypnotized is not about sleep – it’s about focus.

When you learn how to use hypnosis and the powers of your mind, you learn how to focus and block out distractions. You will focus on your goals with laser-like precision.


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