Golf Hypnosis To Improve Your Game

If you want to lower your score – or if you want to be more comfortable and relaxed on the course so you can really enjoy the game and have more fun, golf hypnosis will help your game.

Play Your Best – And Enjoy The Game Like Never Before

New clubs, lessons, hitting hundreds of balls at the range, and even gadgets – these are some of the things you may have tried to improve your game. Learn how to control your mind and control your emotions through hypnosis – and reach your full potential.

Golf Hypnosis To Overcome The Mental Hurdles

Golf is a game that is so obviously mental – you make your swing (which lasts about a second or two), then you walk and wait for 15 minutes for your next shot. Nothing to do except ruminate about your last few shots, or the shots from 2 hours ago, or the swings you were practicing earlier that week, or the holes you still have to play – it’s endless. All the time in the world to think about it. Negative thinking has so many opportunities to creep in your mind.

With golf hypnosis, you will be able to relax and concentrate. You will block out the outside influences (your thoughts, the pressure, the audience). You will replace the negative thinking with positive and confident thoughts and feelings. If the thoughts are negative, muscles will get tight and the coordination between your mind and your muscles is lost. If the thoughts are positive, you will create free and easy muscle response.

Pre-Shot Routine

Why do all the pro golfers have their own unique pre-shot routine? They are helping themselves enter a waking trance so they will create that laser-like focus. The only thing they are focusing on is the shot at hand. All of the distractions just fade away. They concentrate 100% of their attention on the shot they have to make.

Use Your Imagination

With golf hypnosis, you can picture the flight of the ball in your mind’s eye and then step up and make the swing with confidence and relaxation. With concentration and focus, you will make the reality match the image you want. The actual shot will look just like the one you imagined. Learn to use the power of your imagination.

Golf in New Jersey

Why is it that so few golfers from New Jersey have had success on the pro tour? In NJ, there is a lot of passion for the game, but yet no professional greats are from here. All-time greats like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus are from western Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively. Other top players and major winners have been from New England, Minnesota, Wisconsin. So it can’t just be the winter weather in NJ.

Could it be from all those complex thoughts and neuroses that are unique to NJ? Is that what is holding the pros back? Are these complex thoughts limiting you?

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