Why Is Everyone So Angry?

It seems that everyone is so angry these days. So many of the newscasters, celebrities, politicians, protesters, etc. are exhibiting so much rage. So many characters on your favorite TV shows and movies are all so angry. And those are just the people you see on TV and the news. What about all the regular people you see everyday? At the store, on the road, at work, in restaurants – the anger is getting out of control.

So the question I’d like to see answered is ‘why is everyone so angry?’

One explanation is the human mind has an incredible capacity to imitate. The ability to imitate those who we think are respectable, powerful and prestigious is one of the most important abilities that humans have evolved. When people see celebrities and politicians and famous people responding with anger, it just justifies their own anger.

It’s Easier To Be Angry Than It Is To Be Afraid

Another answer is that anger is an emotion that is easier to deal with. I know from my own personal experiences that I would much rather handle anger, than face up to sadness or stress or fear or loneliness. To me, those emotions were much more painful – and I didn’t want to process them. Instead, I would get myself angry over trivial matters. When I would get angry, lose my temper (short for temperature), my blood would boil, I would see red, etc. It’s hard to be afraid when you get your temperature up. So maybe that’s part of the reason why we see so much anger in the world.

The answer is multi-layered. There are so many reasons why everyone is so angry. And unfortunately, emotions like anger are contagious. When you see others acting with anger and rage, it allows you to justify your own anger. So it takes awareness and discipline to control your own anger. Responding with anger may solve a problem in the short term, but being habitually angry can cause serious health problems.

So it’s important to learn to control your anger. Treat yourself right. There’s no reason to be that angry. Learn to be kind, gentle, easy. Life is so much better that way.

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