Can Anyone Use Hypnosis?

Yes. Anyone can be hypnotized. Anybody who wants help to take back control of their own mind can benefit from hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is safe and natural. The only thing required for you to get hypnotized is the willingness and the desire to go into the trance. You can be hypnotized as long as you want to.

What Are The Most Common Reasons That People Use Hypnosis?

The most common reason people get hypnotized are to calm down, relax and find peace. So the stress, anxiety, doubt and worry don’t bother them as much as it used to. People also come for hypnotherapy to overcome addictions, to get better sleep, lose weight or to control their eating and weight better, improve motivation, become more disciplined…. Hypnosis is ideal to help you get better control of your mind and your emotions. So you are back in control.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe For Children?

Yes. Hypnotherapy is completely safe for children. The hypnotic trance is the most natural state of being. When you get hypnotized, you are just returning back to your peaceful, natural self.

Children usually do better than adults because their minds have not been as contaminated with all the lies and deceptions that adults have accepted through the years. Children may not have the life experiences that adults have, but their minds are much more of a clean slate. You can read this page I wrote about hypnosis for children.

Why Is It That Many People Don’t Want To Use Hypnosis?

The short answer to this question is half the people are scared of hypnosis and the other half don’t know what it is. If you only knew what true hypnotherapy really is and what you can accomplish with it, you would be much more open to using hypnosis and learning how to use your mind.

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