Hypnosis To Heal Physical Ailments

You can use hypnosis to heal physical ailments. It’s not so much the process of being hypnotized that does the healing – it is the benefits you get from learning to control your mind.

True hypnosis allows your smaller mind (with its troubles, stresses, fears, doubts, etc.) to be put to the side – so all your energy can be focused on allowing your natural defenses and systems to be working at optimal levels.

It’s your immune system and your body’s natural resources and inner powers that do the healing. Through hypnosis, you will learn how to control your mind – how to use your mind – so that you will amplify, concentrate, and focus your mind’s energies on the healing process.

Change Your Belief…Change Your Life

The basis of all healing is a change of beliefs. If you believe you’ll heal and get better – you will get better. You can strengthen your belief with hypnosis.

Your body knows how to heal. You want to set up the right environment for your body and immune system to do its job. You don’t want to suppress your immune system with thoughts of fear, stress and failure.

In this article and audio they discuss how a young, innocent child was the only one to get better. He didn’t know his disease was incurable. He knew he would get better because the doctor told him. The doctor was able to transfer that belief.

Conversely, the adults did not get better because they had already been contaminated by the belief that the disease was incurable. They knew they would not get better.

The young child and the adults were all correct. They all got just what they believed they would.

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Are Diseases Really “Incurable”?

There are many diseases that doctors say are “incurable”. Are you going to believe these doctors? Or are you going to believe in yourself and the restorative powers within? So many times you hear of people who experience complete cure or remission from one of these so-called “incurable” diseases that doctors can never explain.

If you really and truly believe you will get better – you will get better and return to your natural, healthy state. But how deep does your belief go? How good is your belief?

You can use hypnosis to change your beliefs about disease and healing. And strengthen and fortify the belief in yourself and your ability to get healthy.

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