What Kind Of Food Are You Eating?

Many people come to see me so they can “lose weight”. There are so many variables that go into someone who is not at a healthy weight. I wrote this page about using hypnosis to get back to your healthy weight. I don’t like to use the phrase “lose weight”. You’re not going to “lose” anything. You are going to get back to your healthy weight. And the first major step to achieving your healthy weight is to be aware of what kind of food are you eating.

There are so many reasons why we eat – and it’s not just for energy. We have a warped view of eating in our society today. Some of the reasons why people eat are: to deal with stress or anxiety; boredom; loneliness; a reward; entertainment. But that’s not what food is – and not what it is for. When you really look at the truth of what food is – it’s really just fuel. What kind of fuel are you going to put in your body? What kind of food are you eating? You can use hypnosis to help you eat better.

Be Aware And Ask Yourself, “What Kind Of Food Are You Eating?”

The food supply now has become very artificial. In the supermarket, just about everything is made of corn. All the packaged products have corn syrup or corn starch. Even the meat – the cows, chickens, pigs – are made of corn. These animals are fed large quantities of corn – and natural cows or chickens do not eat corn. Corn is really just a cheap sweetener.

And never mind all the chemicals that are in the man-made foods. Just read the ingredients. Jack LaLanne, the health and fitness guru, said this about eating – “If it’s made by man, don’t eat it.” That is such a simple and elegant phrase to remember. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds are all natural. They are not made by man. Your body knows how to digest and use this natural fuel.

I have had a few clients who came here for weight control who own dogs. I asked them what kind of food they feed their dogs. Their answers are, “Only the finest quality, all organic. I have to go to a special store, etc.” Then I ask them if they would ever feed their dogs some of the food that they regularly consume. And the answer is, “No way. I would never feed my dog that kind of food.” But yet, they have no problem eating that food themselves.

Treat yourself right. Eat the healthy, natural, nutritious foods. And remember that Jack LaLanne quote – “If it’s made by man, don’t eat it.”

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