Subliminal Hypnosis

You’ve Been Hypnotized Your Whole Life – And You Don’t Know It

Ever since you came into this world, you’ve been told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, etc. From parents, teachers, doctors, government, religions, TV, music, authority figures, siblings, friends, family, pop culture – the list goes on and on. Now, a lot of this is necessary. It’s the only way you would be able to learn how to live in society. This conditioning is a subtle and subliminal form of hypnosis.

Everyone is Influencing You with Subliminal Hypnosis

It doesn’t necessarily have to be words or commands to do as you’re told. You can adopt and espouse thoughts and beliefs without knowing it. When suggestions are subliminal, they are more readily accepted by the mind. The mind is much more likely to receive them – and believe them.

The human mind has a remarkable ability for imitating. That is why you notice family, close friends, husband and wife often have the same mannerisms – they act the same way, talk the same way. You even notice people who are not related by blood to even look the same way. Once again – this is a subtle form of hypnosis.

This “cultural trance” has been influencing you since the day you were born. A lot of the conditioning and hypnotizing that you’ve been subjected to has been for your benefit. Many of your finest qualities and attributes are a result of positive suggestions and conditioning. But so much of the conditioning has been negative. You may have unknowingly or unwillingly adopted many of these harmful, negative thoughts and beliefs.

Use Hypnosis to Free Your Mind

You can use hypnosis to release and let go of these false, negative beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs just may be the limitations that are holding you back. Use hypnosis to rid your mind of the harmful and negative beliefs – and also strengthen the beneficial and positive beliefs. Free your mind.

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