Technology Addiction

There are all kinds of addictions. The obvious addictions that we are all aware of are drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, eating, working, etc. Have you ever thought there was a technology addiction, too? How many people do you know who can’t stop checking their phone or device for messages or updates? All the different devices – smartphones, tablets, cameras, desktop computers – so they can check the social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or texts and emails? It’s non stop.

This technology addiction really only started within the last few decades. As technology advanced, people became more and more dependent upon it. Portable music, video games, home computers started to demand our attention. Recently, the technology addiction has only gotten so much more common. With the introduction of smartphones and social network sites, people have a difficult time staying away from their technology.

And let’s not forget about texts. The instant communication is such a convenience. But I don’t think most people realize how intrusive and addicting texting can be. Constantly on alert, 24 hours a day. You can even feel stress when you don’t receive texts.

Technology Addiction Is A Loss Of Control

The way I look at addiction is that you are addicted when you lose control. I know so many people who drink alcohol, but are not addicted to it. They have the ability to remain in control. They use the alcohol – they don’t let the alcohol use them. It becomes a problem, when the alcohol starts to take control and it uses them.

So what’s the difference between an addiction to drugs or alcohol and a technology addiction? When you receive a text and you hear that sound, your brain releases dopamine – the feel good drug. You hear that you have a new text, and you get that feeling of excitement and pleasure. That feeling is addictive. The same feeling a drug addict gets when he gets his fix.

Technology addiction is more than a mental and emotion addiction. It’s also chemical and biological. So stay in control – and don’t allow your technology to control you.

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