Truth Or Error – What Is Your Mind Controlled By?

Your mind is under the control of two forces, although you’re probably not aware of it. You might be thinking that all your choices and decisions are made by your own thoughts and desires. But there are deeper, more hidden reasons why you do what you do. Your mind is controlled by truth or error – or in most cases, a combination of the two. The problems people run into are the result of a belief or a trust in the errors or lies.

Is Your Mind Ruled By Truth Or Error?

When I use the word ‘error’, I am referring to the man-made opinions and beliefs. Every one of these opinions or interpretations will keep you further and further from the truth. Truth and error are obviously opposites of each other. Where there is truth, there can be no error. And vice versa.

And you can say the same thing about opinions. Opinions and truth are mutually exclusive. Where there is opinion, there can be no truth. Opinions are lies. When you take the time to think about it, you’ll realize that the vast majority of the limitations you may have come from your opinions.

Is it truth or error that is in control of your mind and your beliefs? One of the challenges in mastering yourself and controlling your mind is to determine what the truth really is. It can be hard to see because your beliefs and opinions are clouding your judgment. As you can become aware and notice all the man-made beliefs and opinions you have accepted as truths, you will be more willing to let go of these lies. And the truth will become more clear to you.

See The Truth

This can be hard to do because in most instances, these opinions are held onto so dearly. Most people do not want to let go of their beliefs. The whole point of life – the one goal we should all be striving to achieve – is to remove the errors and let the truth take over. Getting rid of all of your opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and interpretations. When you realize these beliefs are the cause of your own suffering, you will desire and want to rid yourself of them. And then you can see the truth. And truth will be in control of your mind, your thoughts, and your actions. You’ll find peace.

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