Appreciation and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we should all be thankful. The time to show real appreciation and gratitude. But what do appreciation and gratitude really mean?

When I am working with clients and patients to help them relax and find peace, one of the first things I suggest they do is to appreciate all the beauty and blessings in their life. Some people are very depressed and down – so it may be hard for them to notice all the good in their life.

Appreciation and GratitudeShow Appreciation And Gratitude For The Simple Things

If you don’t know where to start, you can start by showing sincere appreciation and gratitude for many of the basic things we all take for granted.

What about clean drinking water? One-third of the world does not have good water – and yet most of us can turn on a faucet in our homes. It’s common to hear people complain about their jobs. What if you took the opposite approach – and were truly thankful for the job you have. There are plenty of people out of work, who would absolutely love to have your job. Good health? That’s something I always took for granted – until I started having physical problems. There are so many blessings to show genuine appreciation and gratitude for – your home, heat, a hot shower, your family, your friends, etc.

Develop That Attitude Of Gratitude

Really appreciate all your blessings. Develop that attitude of gratitude. You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone. And the more thankful you are, the more of these blessings will be attracted into your life.

Now, not all of us have these blessings that I listed. But we all have our own personal blessings for which we should truly give sincere appreciation and gratitude. We can all find them – if we just look for them.

This is the safest, healthiest time in known human history. No matter what the media or governments or corporations tell you, we are living in the most secure and well society the world has ever known.

This may seem too simple and obvious, but if you can spend some time every day to be sincerely appreciative and thankful for all the beauty and blessings in your life – you will be able to achieve much deeper levels of peace and relaxation. Those things that seem to bother you so much, will not have the same effect on you. You will focus more of your energy on the things you want – not the things you don’t want.

Show appreciation and gratitude – you’ll be pleased with the effect it has on you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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