Do Athletes Use Hypnosis?

I never realized how many athletes use hypnosis until I started to learn about hypnotherapy and the mind. So many of the most successful and famous athletes that we all know have used the power of their own minds to help with their success. They have been able to attain heights and achieve goals that were once thought impossible.

It’s Not Just Famous Athletes

Using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I have helped a lot of people to achieve success in their chosen sport. Most of those I have helped are in college, high school and grade school. But every once in a while I have helped adults in their 30s and even older to use their minds to become the best that they can be in athletics.

It doesn’t matter what your age is or what your skill level is or what your goals are. And it doesn’t matter what sport you play. I’ve helped athletes in sports I have had absolutely no experience with. I won’t teach you the game – I’ll teach you how to use your mind. You can use hypnosis to improve your game to achieve your potential and enjoy the game you love.

How Does Hypnosis Help In Sports?

You can use hypnosis to gain confidence, and believe in yourself and your abilities. You can also conquer your fears and develop that laser-like focus so you can get into the Zone. To learn even more, you read this other page I wrote about sports hypnosis.

The main obstacle I have seen with the athletes I have helped has been they think too much while they are playing. Hypnosis is the ideal way to control your mind. When you are playing a sport, thinking is your enemy. The last thing you should be doing is thinking and worrying and obsessing… The solution is to quiet your mind. Let go of the fears, the doubts, the worries…and just PLAY the game you love.

Along the same lines as too much thinking, hypnosis is also a wonderful way to control your fears. So things won’t bother as much as they used to. And you will also strengthen the confidence and belief in yourself.

When you are in control of your mind and your fears so you are not thinking or worrying, you will be able to focus your mind on doing what you need to do in order to be successful.

What Famous Athletes Use Hypnosis?

Some of the most famous athletes have used hypnosis. I’ve listed a few here:

Michael Jordan

Wayne Gretzky

Tiger Woods

Jack Nicklaus

Muhammed Ali

Mike Tyson

John McEnroe

Rod Carew

Gary Player

Roger Bannister who used hypnosis to break the mental barrier of running a 4-minute mile

You can also see this list. And here are other famous celebrities who have used hypnosis – not necessarily athletes.

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