Forgive Yourself And Be Free

You’ve probably been told many times throughout your life to forgive other people. This wise advice is so valuable. It’s so important to forgive so you can let go of any past hurts or wrongdoings. Release yourself from any grudges against other people so you can be free of the pain. But what about freeing yourself from anything you felt that you have done wrong? Learn to forgive yourself so you can find peace.

Forgive Yourself And Find Peace

There have been many times in my life when I was very hard on myself. I never seemed to have a problem to “beat myself up” over small, insignificant events. And if I ever hurt someone (even innocently or harmlessly), I would definitely feel guilt and shame. And I would have no problem at all punishing myself – without even really knowing it.

I would punish myself on a deep level. I wouldn’t ‘ground’ myself or force myself to go to bed with no dinner. But I would be hurting myself in more severe, hidden ways. I may have adopted the attitude that “I don’t deserve anything special or beautiful” because of the hurts I may have caused other people to suffer. Or “I’m not a good enough person to enjoy life – I don’t deserve this…”

Now, knowing what I have learned about the mind and how it really works, I can see just how harmful these attitudes of guilt and remorse can be. Looking back on my experiences, I really forced myself to be miserable. And as I adopted the attitude, emotions and feelings of misery and guilt, I was attracting back into my life more misery and more pain. I believed I had to punish myself and I didn’t deserve anything special or beautiful. I convinced myself I was miserable, and I was just attracting more and more pain into my life

When you learn to truly forgive yourself, you will be free of this terrible emotion that we call guilt. I just gave you a few examples of some of the ways I used to punish myself unknowingly. Guilt can be crippling – it can rob you of the love and beauty that you really deserve in your life.

Forgive yourself and find peace.

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