How To Control Anxiety

One of the most common requests from my patients is they want to learn how to control anxiety. Anxiety bothers so many people. And it can rear its ugly head in many forms – work-related anxiety, anxiety at school, anxiety from family, social anxiety, etc. How do you deal with it? Many people use drugs and alcohol to cope; others can just withdraw from the world; and many more choose to use other emotions to mask their pain. Anger is a common emotion people use – they feel that they can handle the emotion of anger much better than they can handle anxiety, stress, sadness, or fear.

How To Control Anxiety with Hypnosis

When you learn to use hypnosis, you learn how to control anxiety. It can be difficult to describe the hypnotic trance in words, but if I wanted to sum the trance up in one short phrase, it would be “a deep, profound relaxation”. You achieve levels of relaxation that are very hard to come by in this society of stress and anxiety. So while you are in the trance, all the stresses and anxieties and cares of the world will just drift away – and you won’t be bothered by them at all. It’s just a beautiful, peaceful state of being.

How To Control AnxietySo obviously, when you are in the hypnotic trance, there is no anxiety at all. But what about when you go back to regular life in the days and weeks after? You will learn how to calm yourself down, how to truly relax – how to control anxiety. When you are truly relaxed, there are no worries, no doubts, no fears, no stress – and no anxiety. Though hypnosis, you will learn how to control your mind. You will be in control of the anxiety, instead of the anxiety controlling you. And be at peace.

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