How To Deal With Depression

Focus On The Good

You can learn how to deal with depression when you learn how to use your mind. On what do you focus and concentrate the powers of your mind? Do you focus on the negative – or on the positive? It can be so easy to look at all the bad things in life. In fact, almost everyone has been taught to do just that. They focus on and talk incessantly about all the problems they may be having.

Attitude Of Gratitude

When you are learning how to deal with depression, you will focus your attention on all the good things in your life – all the blessings. In today’s society in the USA, most people take for granted the blessings and gifts they already have. If you don’t think you have blessings and gifts – start at the most basic so you can get out of depression. And not everyone has these basic gifts that I mention here, but everyone has some basic blessings that they can start with.

How To Deal With Depression – Count Your Blessings

Clean drinking water (1/3 of the world does not have good water), a roof over your head, food, hot water, electricity, power. Family, friends, your ability to think and speak, your health. The old saying – “At least you have your health.” That’s something so many take for granted. I know I always took my health for granted, until I started having physical problems. Really appreciate all your blessings. Develop that attitude of gratitude. You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.

Take Control Of Your Mind

This may all sound so easy. I know there are many people who think this will not work for them. But as you learn to really use your mind, you will be able to focus on and attract more and more of the blessings and gifts.

And I am talking about really controlling the mind. Being in control and getting the mind back to the natural state of good, peace, love, and beauty. Harmony.

Those people who think this will not work do not know how to control their mind. They were never taught how to get rid of negative thoughts and focus the mind on the good. It takes awareness, focus, concentration, and discipline. It’s an art. As your focus shifts to all the good in your life, these problems won’t seem to bother you as much as they once did. But you have to take control – and the depression will just fade away.

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