Hypnosis Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons why people come to see me is for hypnosis weight loss. If someone seeks to ‘lose weight’, the first thing I tell them is you are not going to ‘lose’ anything. You are going to get back to your natural, healthy weight. If you think you are going to lose it, it may imply that you are going to find it again. How you talk to yourself is so important.

Hypnosis Weight Loss – Get Back To Your Natural Healthy Weight

When I work with someone for hypnosis weight loss, I really don’t talk about pounds, or calories, or inches. What we focus on is eating healthy – the natural foods that are healthiest for us. When you use hypnosis, you will much more in touch and connected to your subconscious mind – your natural self. This part of your mind wants to eat the natural foods – vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. You will want to eat the healthy and natural foods. You will see the truth more and not have a desire for the unnatural and unhealthy foods – the man-made and processed foods.

Hypnosis weight loss will also train your mind to eat smaller portions. As you get more control of your mind and get more in touch with your true, natural self, you will be able to listen to your body more clearly. You will eat when you are hungry – and stop when you are full. When you eat the unhealthy man-made foods, your body wants to keep eating and eating because it is not getting the nutrition it craves. You are still hungry because the body has not been fed to vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Hypnosis Weight Loss – Exercise More

Not only the foods you eat, but also exercising. As we all know, exercising is so effective in getting back in shape – getting back to your natural healthy weight. Hypnosis will help your motivation and desire to exercise more.

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