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There are obviously many different reasons why a couple may suffer from infertility. I’m not going to discuss them all here. You can read this article explaining some of the frustrations of infertility. I’m focusing on one of the most common reasons – and the treatment you may not be aware of.

Infertility Diagnosis

I have personally known many different couples who were told by the doctors and the experts that it was infertility – there was no way they would ever become pregnant. In a few of these cases, the couple adopted a child. As soon as the adoption was finalized, the woman became pregnant. And in other cases, the woman became pregnant when she relaxed a little more deeply – and took the pressure off herself. I’m sure you know of people who went through the same thing. Couples who were told they had no chance of ever conceiving – but yet they were able to have a child. Were all these ‘miracle’ pregnancies a coincidence – was it really ‘infertility’ – or is there a more reasonable, natural explanation?

Stress – A Warning Sign Of Danger

Think about nature and the natural world. For the safety and the good of the child, Mother Nature will not allow a mother to naturally bring a child into a hostile and dangerous world. If the mother is too stressed, depressed or too anxious, her body will not conceive a child. It’s an evolutionary process. The higher mind is giving signals to the body that it is not safe for a child right now. The mind does not want a child born into a stressful situation.

As humans were evolving, the parents would be under stress from a lack of food, water or the basic necessities of life. So Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom will prevent a child from being born into that environment. These parents would have to wait until conditions improved – and became more conducive for a healthy baby.

InfertilityGet Rid Of Stress – And Get Rid Of Infertility

The higher, deeper parts of the mind look at stress and pressure from normal, everyday life in today’s society the same way it sees a drought or a famine. The mind does not know the difference. So pressures from the family, from the job, or most importantly, from the mother herself – will prevent a natural pregnancy.

And the more the couple try to get pregnant and fails, the more stressed and depressed they become. It becomes a viscous cycle – and the infertility becomes more and more of a problem.

Use hypnosis to reduce stress and anxiety. Relax, be comfortable, be at ease, be peaceful. And allow Mother Nature to take over and do her job.

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