Panic Attacks

Relax To Control Panic Attacks

The most effective and ideal way to handle panic attacks is to relax the mind. Really relax. I’m not talking about sitting down on the couch, watching TV with a bag of chips. That can be relaxing on some levels. But to control and avoid panic attacks, you have to truly relax in order to get control of your mind. Be calm. Be peaceful. Be at ease.

It has been said that the mind is like a wild monkey – running off frantically in every direction. No rhyme or reason to the direction and intensity where it goes. The mind can take you down some scary, dangerous paths. Taking you places you do not want to go.

Panic Attacks Caused By Imagination

Everything is real to the mind. If you imagine something terrible happening to you, the deeper parts of your mind accept it as actually happening. So many times, these panic attacks are caused by imagining the worst-case scenario, the worst thing that can happen. These negative hallucinations and imaginations almost never actually happen. But if you think they are going to happen, and imagine them with a lot of emotional intensity, the mind reacts as if they are actually happening. Which can cause panic attacks.

Control The Wild Monkey

When you get control of your mind – control of the wild monkey – you will be able to lead your mind where you want it to go. Instead of the mind running off in every direction, you will be able to control it and take your mind to a place of peace and beauty.

Put the mind at ease – where all of your troubles, tensions, stresses, and doubts just won’t seem to bother as much. You’ll be calm and relaxed. You’ll be able to see the truth much more clearly. And be at peace.


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