Procrastinating – Is It Always Bad?

If you have ever been told that you are procrastinating, most people would think that it’s a bad thing. If you are procrastinating your work, exercising, your responsibilities, your family, then you are using your power of procrastinating the wrong way.

Procrastinating can be a serious problem. If you keep putting off your responsibilities until later, many times you’ll end up not doing them at all. “I’ll get to that later” or “Not now, I don’t feel like it” or “Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow” are all excuses that procrastinating people use.

Most of the time it comes from laziness. I don’t have to get into all the details of how harmful procrastination can be for you to achieve success and reach your goals. If you want to remain in the same place you are and never advance, grow and evolve – then by all means keep on procrastinating all your duties and responsibilities.

Use Procrastinating The Right Way

But what if you can use procrastination to your advantage? Instead of using the power of procrastination to put off the important things that need to get done, why not use it to conquer some of the behaviors that you want to overcome?

Instead of putting off work or exercising, why don’t you procrastinate getting angry? Or procrastinate getting upset or scared or worried?

When you put them off for late, these emotions and behaviors might never be realized. “I’ll get angry later”, “I’ll start to get upset in a few hours”, “I’ll put off getting scared when I’m ready.”

And as you know, when you get real good at procrastinating, you will never get to the behaviors or activities that you are putting off. So don’t put off until later the things that you need to do. Use the power of procrastination to your advantage – procrastinate and delay the things you don’t want to do and you’ll never get around to doing them.

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