Remove Self Destructive Thoughts

Many people come to me to tell me that they are sabotaging their own life. They say they have self destructive thoughts that seem to hold them back from achieving success. This is a common problem that I think we can all relate to. How many times have you heard yourself telling yourself something negative? “I can’t do that”, “That’s too hard”, “There’s no way I’m good enough for that”, etc. Those are all different forms of self destructive thoughts.

I had read or heard somewhere that 78% of all self-talk is negative. Is there a way you can improve your self-talk? Can you remove self destructive thoughts?

Improve Your Confidence To Help Control Your Thoughts

All these self destructive thoughts and negative self-talk can limit you in so many ways. In the majority of cases, it starts with the root problem of not having enough confidence. And so often this lack of confidence starts in childhood. Just about everyone lacks self-confidence and self-esteem when they are in grade school, middle school, and high school. Kids are just not sure of themselves.

Unfortunately, these negative thought patterns can become habitual. These adolescent self destructive thoughts can continue to manifest themselves throughout your life. We can all carry these thoughts and beliefs that we once had from decades ago.

But at some point, you learn to have more confidence in yourself – and become more comfortable with yourself. It’s called growing up.

Self Destructive ThoughtsHypnosis To Remove Self-Destructive Thoughts

Hypnosis is the ideal way to improve your confidence in yourself. As you become more confident in yourself, your thoughts will begin to change effortlessly. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something or that you are not good enough or you don’t deserve it – you will start to see the truth. That you can do it, you are good enough, you do deserve it.

And watch these self-destructive thoughts melt away like ice cubes on a hot summer day.

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