Stress and Technology

Everyone is “connected” – with their phones, tablets, and all communication devices. While these technologies are so helpful and time-saving in many ways – they also come with a price. Stress and technology go hand-in-hand. You can’t get away from it all. Constantly bombarded with information – it’s too much. And much of this information is coming from sources (corporations, governments, industries, etc.) that want you to become scared, anxious, stressed, worried and concerned. So it gets more and more difficult to find some peace and quiet.

Stress and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

I was just talking to someone about this recently – and we were talking about how you used to be able to get away from it all. Not long ago – 20 years or so – you could go for a walk, or get in your car, or go to a restaurant and not be bothered by phone calls, emails, texts, updates from work, or the stressful news of the day. It seemed to be much simpler. But if you ask the older generations that grew up before television, they would be telling you the same thing – they didn’t have a TV or a phone – it was much simpler.

I guess it is just human nature and life – each generation gets more and more stressed – while the older generations mourn the loss of simpler times.

Maybe we are all giving away too much power to the great technologies. You think that maybe we would have learned from some of the stories and myths. 2001: A Space Odyssey, War Games, Fail Safe, and the Terminator movies should have taught us a lesson about the dangers of giving the power to the machines.

But deeper than that, we are giving away something more subtle, more precious, and more powerful – our true self, our true being. When we rely on these technologies so much in out everyday living, we stop trusting ourselves and believing in ourselves. We lose confidence, self-esteem – and we start to experience more and more stress and anxiety.

Use Hypnosis To Handle Stress and Technology

When you use hypnosis, you will return back to your true, natural state of being. You will improve your confidence in yourself and get back to trusting and believing in yourself – instead of being so heavily reliant on machines and technologies. Hypnosis will allow you to return to your natural state of peace and calm.

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