Why People Take Drugs

***In this article, I am not talking about pharmaceutical drugs taken for health reasons. I’m discussing the use of recreational drugs. But that can include legal pharmaceuticals taken for pleasure – not for their intended use.***

To learn 9 common reasons why people take drugs, you can read this article. All of these are definitely good reasons, but there is more to the story. What’s really going on in the deeper parts of the mind?

We want to know why people take drugs. We’ve all been conditioned to believe that we need outside substances or influences to change our mood. Ever since you were young, you noticed adults smoking, drinking, or doing whatever drug when they wanted to calm down. Your whole life you’ve seen alcohol commercials where people are at parties, drinking and having the greatest times of their lives with other beautiful people. And as you grow into maturity, so many of your friends and peers are doing drugs to have fun (alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too). This peer pressure is so powerful.

The Desire To Express Life

One of the main reasons why people take drugs is for the desire to express life. Think about it – when are some of the most popular times people want to get high or drunk? On the weekends – when they want to party. When people want to have fun they drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, do drugs. On a deep level in the mind, many people believe they need drugs to have a good time. They want to express life.

Why People Take DrugsWhy People Take Drugs – To Escape Boredom And Pain

But I think the main reason why people take drugs is that drugs stupefy the mind so that common, ordinary things seem exceptional – they are exalted. Most people never realize why it is that they believe everything is “awesome” when they are high or dunk. It’s an escape from reality. The common things or even the painful things don’t seem so bad. In fact, they can be seen as quite enjoyable. Drugs can make boring events seem to be the greatest. And the recreational drugs can seem to ease psychological, emotional, and even physical pain.

Drugs Kill Confidence

Every time someone reaches for drugs or alcohol, they are actually putting more confidence in the drugs than they are putting in themselves. So many people who abuse drugs are lacking in self-confidence. And the more drugs that are used, their self-confidence actually gets worse and worse. But they actually think they are more confident on the drugs. It starts a vicious cycle downhill.

It becomes a problem when it starts to become a habit. And getting high or drunk becomes part of the routine to handle life’s challenges and adversities.

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