Your Brain Or Your Mind?

What is really doing all of your thinking? Where do your thoughts, desires, and fears come from? Is it from your brain or from your mind?

Now this distinction may not mean much to a lot of people, but I am constantly hearing that it is the brain that thinks for us. We’ve all been taught that it is the brain that is the computer. It is the driving force behind all mental abilities. But I don’t think the brain does any thinking at all – it’s really just another organ like a stomach or a liver.

Your Brain Is Just A Tool

Your brain cannot think on its own – it’s a tool used by your mind. There is no intelligence in the brain.

The brain can obviously affect the way that you think. Brain damage, infections or other neurological diseases can change the way the brain functions. In the same manner as a diseased or damaged heart may change the blood flowing through the body. Your brain does not do any of the thinking. It is the mind that does all of the thinking. The brain is really just the organ where all of the nerves come together.

The brain does nothing on its own – there is no intelligence in the brain. Intelligence is something intangible…something higher or deeper within. Science has a difficult time explaining the intangible.

The mind (this intangible intelligence) can be controlled by either truth or error. And it’s so easy to accept many of these errors (or lies) as truths. There are so many opinions and beliefs have no relation to truth at all. It’s wise to let go of the errors – your beliefs, opinions, interpretations. Remove the errors and allow TRUTH to take over your mind.

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