Free Thought

Free thought is the one and only true freedom we all have. But unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not exercise their freedom of thought. They rely on the opinions of others.

Exercise Your Free Thought

The main reasons why so many people do not use free thought are time, stress, and the necessities of life. And you can’t blame anyone for this. By the time someone gets finished with work, takes care of the kids, eats, does some exercise, etc., do they really have the time and energy to look for the truth? Or are they just going to accept the opinions and thoughts of others they trust?

But that’s exactly what the people, organizations, institutions who control your thoughts want. They want you to be over-worked, over-stressed, over-worried so you don’t have the time and energy to think for yourself. They want you to be forced to listen to them – so they can continue to control your thoughts. The people in power do not like free thought. These institutions love it when you do and think as you are told. It’s getting to the point where there seems to be a “thought police”. They are ready to attack or punish you if you don’t agree with them – if you dare to think for yourself.

Free ThoughtOpinions Are Lies

Free thought requires awareness, discipline, motivation, and desire. You have to be willing to let go of pre-existing beliefs that are holding you back and limiting you from free thought. Just because a political party, or a church, or the media, or a doctor says something – it doesn’t mean it’s true. Trust your instincts and your intuitions – and think for yourself.

Believe In Yourself

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find the truth and think for yourself. We are all bombarded, influenced, and contaminated by opinion after opinion. It seems that so many people are connected to sources of information 24 hours a day – no time to be quiet and at peace – and think for themselves. . Maybe the only time they are not being influenced and contaminated is in their sleep. But even in sleep, the residue of the day is running around in the mind.

Stop trusting the opinions of others. Put away the electronics, get rid of distractions, and find a quiet place. Calm down, relax, quiet your mind – and think for yourself.

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