Infection Of The Mind

I know everyone is and has been worried about infections in the body. Especially over the past year with the Covid scare. We all have been protecting our bodies from being infected with the virus. But what about infection of the mind? And I’m talking about the mind, not the physical brain. Is your mind being contaminated? Are you protecting your mind from the harmful lies and propaganda?

Truth To Prevent Infection Of The Mind

How does your mind get infected? Simply put – it is when you accept lies as being true. Your mind is infected when you believe the lies. You can get so contaminated with lies, that it becomes nearly impossible for you to see the truth. Even when the truth is right there for you to see it and to hear it.

The real problem is you are bombarded with lies almost all the time. When you watch or listen to any kind of media, you are being deceived. Whether it be the news, TV, movies, music, or any kind of entertainment – your mind is being poisoned. You are just blindly believing the lies from the the elite ruling class and the established entities in power (government, education system, medical industry, etc.). See the truth, and stop believing the lies to protect yourself from infection of the mind.

You would not allow yourself to drink from a glass of water that was contaminated with poison. So why would you allow yourself to listen to and accept these poisoned beliefs and opinions?

You Probably Don’t Even Know You Are Being Infected

And it is the subtle, subliminal suggestions that are much more readily accepted by the mind. So when you are watching or listening to TV, movies, or music – they can slip in the harmful lies, without you even realizing it. And definitely when you are listening to their version of the news. They can be telling you half-truths, while they attach the propaganda. And the poison will go right into your mind undetected.

From my experience, this is the most effective form of mind control. You don’t even know you are being lied to – so you just accept what they say as being unquestioned truth. And the elite ruling class just continues to control of your mind…

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