Conquer Your Gambling Addiction With Hypnotherapy

In the past, I have done more than my fair share of gambling. I used to love going to casinos, playing craps, betting on sporting events, and playing cards for money. I was caught up in the excitement of “winning” money. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I had a gambling addiction. And it was also at that time that I realized the most important truth about gambling – the more money you gamble, the more money you lose.

What attracted me so much to gambling was the adventure of risking a lot of money. Hoping I would win the wager. After years of gambling, it got to the point where I wouldn’t even feel the elation and happiness of winning anymore. The only emotions I would feel were pain, grief, sorrow, frustration, shame, and guilt when I lost. Even if I did win the bet, I would be emotionless and stoic. I was never pleased, never happy – no matter what the outcomes of the bets were.

Gambling Addiction – Are You Gambling Too Much?

The gambling addiction doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve wagered away all your money. You don’t necessarily have to have reached “rock bottom”. Maybe it’s become a problem when you have to bet on games, or go to the casino, or wager on horse racing or cards for you to enjoy yourself. You don’t need to gamble to have fun. Maybe have fooled yourself into believing that you have it under control?

How Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome The Gambling Addiction

Hypnosis can help you in so many ways. You can read about many of its uses on this website. But one of the most powerful advantages of hypnosis is you will learn to see the truth. In the case of a gambling addiction, you will see the truth that I learned. That the more money you gamble, the more money you will lose. You’ll stop believing the lies you have been telling yourself that gambling is fun, it’s cool, gives me some action, gives me something to do, etc. The truth will become crystal clear to you. You’ll live in the truth and you’ll stop believing the lies. You will take back control of your actions. And you will free yourself from the clutches of gambling.

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