Improve Digestion

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season around the corner, so many people will be eating and drinking a lot. When you are relaxed and at ease when you are eating, you will improve digestion. This relaxation will help you to be healthier and happier – and feel much better about yourself.

Get Rid of Tension and Stress to Improve Digestion

So many people are stressed and tense when they eat – only they may not realize it. How many people do you know who eat lunch at their desks at work, surrounded by all the stresses and anxieties that the job brings them. The computer, phone, all their devices are right there – getting texts, emails, phone calls that just induce more stress. Or what about all the people who are doing stressful work while eating – even at home.

Some people watch TV or listen to the news when they are eating. The one thing I know about the news is that it’s designed to make you afraid, anxious, scared, and stressed.

So you may not even realize how stressed and tense you are when you are eating. What happens when there is tension? Natural processes do not flow freely. Everything gets tight. It’s hard to think when tense, it’s hard to act when you’re tense, and it’s hard to digest with tension. When you are stressed and tense, food is not digested easily and naturally. The normal, healthy digestive process is restricted.

When you are eating, it’s probably a wise decision to remove as many of the stressors as you can. If possible, don’t eat at your desk at work. Don’t watch or listen to the news when you are eating. If you’re going to watch TV or listen to the radio, make sure it’s something pleasant and relaxing and peaceful. Digest your food easily, naturally, and more efficiently. Turn eating a meal into a peaceful ritual – where you can sit down, really relax, and enjoy a wonderful meal.


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