Sports Psychology NJ

Many people want to learn about sports psychology NJ so they can perform at their optimal levels. They want to achieve their peak performance, fulfill their potential – be the best they can be.

Hypnosis for Sports Psychology NJ

When I am helping people with sports psychology NJ, one of the first things I do is to help them strengthen their focus. Get that laser-like focus on the goal. To be your best, you need to focus 100% of your energy and attention on the task at hand.

Practice Well – But Play Even Better

There is a time to practice and work on your fundamentals, your technique, and your form. That’s the time when you put it all the hard work. Hours and hours in the gym, practicing your shot, working on your technique, etc. But when it comes time to play, you have to go with what you already have and know. Just go with what you have. Quiet your mind, clear your mind – and play the game you love to play.

Looking back on my athletic career, the biggest mistake I used to make was that I would continue ‘practicing’ while I was playing the game. In basketball during the game, I would be ‘working’ on my shot. Was my elbow in the right place, how was my footwork, etc. Even playing an important golf match, I would be working on my swing. There is a time and a place to be working on my form, but during a game is neither the time nor the place. I should have just played the game I know how to play.

You will learn how to clear your mind and focus when you use hypnosis.

Relax and Be At Ease

What is it that all athletes have in common when they are at their peak? They are relaxed.

Top athletes are so relaxed. The muscles that are needed for the task at hand are activated. The muscles that are not needed are put in a state of complete relaxation. As a result, the energy just flows naturally. Relaxing under pressure is the ideal way to enhance your performance and be at your best. And hypnosis is the ideal way to relax under pressure.

Sports psychology NJ is such a fascinating topic, it’s difficult to get into all the details in this short article. To learn more, please contact me. I’d be happy to explain how hypnosis can help you achieve your peak performance.

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