Willpower Is Fighting Against Yourself

There are easier ways to overcome habits, obstacles, and limitations than by just using your willpower. Willpower is trying to consciously do what your subconscious mind does not want you to do. When you are using willpower, you are actually fighting against yourself.

Instead of using this thing called willpower, why not change the way you feel? You can change your beliefs of the deeper parts of your mind with hypnosis. And you will change your life effortlessly.

Willpower vs. Imagination – Imagination Always Wins

A good example to illustrate is an addiction. If you are addicted to smoking or over-eating, you probably have a belief deep within that convinces you that the cigarette or that chocolate cake will make you feel better. So if you want to stop the addiction using just willpower, you will be fighting against your own imagination.

WillpowerWhen your active, conscious mind says, “I want to stop” or “I won’t have that cigarette or food”, your subconscious mind disagrees. It is programmed and conditioned to want the cigarette, the food, whatever it desires.

Use Hypnosis To Be Successful

What if you could change your subconscious mind so it agrees with your will? Hypnosis will help you condition the higher and deeper parts of your mind to agree – to be in harmony with your conscious desires.

In the past, you might have consciously thought, “I won’t have that drink”. But the powerful subconscious mind would have taken over and convinced you on a deep level that the drink is good for you – and you will have the drink.

When you learn to use hypnosis to get control of your mind, you will program your higher mind to do what you want it to do. Instead of a conflict within, there will be balance. The internal dialogue between your conscious and subconscious mind will sound more like this:

Active, conscious mind – “No drinking tonight.”

Subconscious mind – “Good idea. It will feel good to not drink the alcohol.”


Active, conscious mind – “I will exercise.”

Subconscious mind – “I’ll enjoy that. I’ll feel better.”


There will be harmony. You will succeed and achieve your goals effortlessly – without willpower.

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