Are You Hypnotizable?

What does it mean to be hypnotizable? Simply put, it is your natural ability to allow yourself to enter into the hypnotic trance. The hypnotic trance is your most natural state of being – so every one can be hypnotized. When I talk about being hypnotizable, I am referring to how deep you can go under hypnosis.

It’s A Wonderful Talent To Be Hypnotizable

One of the many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis is that only stupid people or weak-willed people can be hypnotized. It’s actually the exact opposite! The brighter you are, the better your imagination…. the more hypnotizable you will be.

But hypnotizability is not only dependent on your native intelligence or imagination. There are many other factors that contribute to you being able to go deeply into hypnosis. How motivated are you for change? Are you willing to release long-held beliefs that may be holding you back? What is the rapport between you and the hypnotist? Are you confident he understands your needs? Are you confident that he can help you?

If you are hypnotizable, it is so important to make sure you trust the people or institutions or entities that are hypnotizing you. Maybe they are taking advantage of you?

Be Careful Who Is Hypnotizing You

Most qualified hypnotists and hypnotherapists are able to put you into the trance, and can give you helpful suggestions. But it is not needed to see a professional for you to go into the trance.

There have been many times in your life when you have drifted off into a light hypnotic trance. Have you ever been watching a movie, you get emotionally involved, and you “zone out”? The plot and the story are real to you – there is no difference between reality and fantasy. Have you ever driven home for 20 minutes and when you get home you don’t remember the journey at all? Once again, you probably drifted off into the trance. This phenomenon is known as “highway hypnosis”.

Maybe it’s an institution, a corporation, the government, media, etc. who is in control. But they know how to to control your thoughts. Stay aware and vigilant. Don’t allow anyone or anything to control your mind.

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