Why Choose Hypnotherapy Or Hypnosis?

You may be asking yourself, “why choose hypnotherapy?” “What are the benefits of hypnosis?” “What can be accomplished by using hypnotherapy?” These are very good questions because very few people really know what true hypnosis actually is. And the answers to these questions are very long. So I’ll do my best to keep it brief.

First, there really is no difference between the words hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotism. They are all names for the same phenomenon. I understand people like to use the word ‘hypnotherapy’ when it’s used for clinical purposes, so they can separate themselves from the entertainment and stage hypnotists. All the movies, TV, stage shows when the hypnotist takes control of someone’s mind and makes them do what he wants them to do – that’s not real hypnosis. True hypnosis is mind control. But it is not the hypnotist taking control of your mind – that’s the entertainment, movie stuff – kids’ stuff. True hypnosis is you taking back control of your own mind.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy? To Find Peace.

On this website, you can look at the menu above to see the services offered and the benefits of hypnosis. Some of the more common reasons people come in to see me are to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome addictions, handle fears, eat better, get back to a healthy weight, and there are countless more reasons.

Why choose hypnotherapy? Because it’s the safest, most natural way to find peace. The hypnotic trance is the most natural state of being. It’s so natural, so peaceful. With hypnosis, you will not be using pharmaceuticals or drugs. You will not be talking and talking over and over again about what may be bothering you. You will calm down, relax, be at ease. And you will find your real peaceful self within.

As you discover your true self, you will notice how peaceful you can be. And whatever has been bothering you, just won’t seem to be affecting you as much.

Like I said before, these are long answers. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to explain more.

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