Doctors Words

All throughout my life dealing with health problems, I have had to visit many doctors. One thing that I learned was how powerful doctors words truly are. The doctors words can either help your recovery – or the words can do just the opposite and make you worse.

We have all been conditioned to believe and accept the doctor’s words. The doctor is the representative of all the medical institutions – the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical schools, etc. Doctors are the unquestioned experts in the field of medicine. We have been taught since we were infants to trust and believe what the doctor tells us. That is the main reason why the doctor’s words carry so much weight – why they are so powerful.

Doctors Words Have A Profound Effect On You

Good, qualified doctors know how important their words are. They do not and will not tell you things that will make you more fearful, more afraid, more nervous. The right doctor will give you words of encouragement and help you to feel good about yourself and your situation. Their words are so powerful, and they can do so much good.

Unfortunately, because we all have so much faith and trust in the doctors, their words can also be harmful. And the way the medical system is set up, the doctors are forced to tell you things that will harm you. It’s nothing against the doctors. They have to explain certain things to you or even prescribe medicines that they know may cause damage. They have to do this because of legal and insurance reasons. In many cases, the doctors’ hands are tied – they are forced to do things or they may lose their license, get sued, or even be prosecuted. Dr. Andrew Weil calls it “Medical Hexing”.

Of course, listen to your doctors. They are the experts. But keep in mind how powerful their words are. You do not have to accept everything they tell you. Educate yourself and learn as much as you can. After all, you will be your own best doctor.

And then you will realize how powerful your own words are. And how important your own self-talk is. Learn to be kind, gentle and easy with yourself. Talk to yourself the right way.

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