Stick To The Secrets That Build Mental Stamina

This article is written by contributing writer Katleen Brown.

Building mental stamina is no secret, but there are some important, simple, yet powerful tips that you may not be aware of, that will give your brain a boost of energy and stamina. Below are a few techniques that will help you stay mentally focused, be more mentally creative and keep your mental health in tip-top shape.

Positive Mental Thinking

When negative thoughts consume the mind and self-confidence is low, everything seems to fall apart. Physical energy will be depleted, and mind energy will almost become paralyzed. When the mind is filled with thoughts, such as “I can’t do it”, then obviously you will believe what your brain is being told. In turn, you will not be able to do whatever task is at hand. It is important to fill your mind with positive thoughts that will have a positive effect on both your physical and mental performance.


This is a common mediation technique that is often used to battle stress and ward off symptoms of depression. Basically, when life becomes overwhelming – simply imagine yourself in a calm relaxing place, such as: a boat on the lake or walking through a meadow of wild flowers.

Manage Stress

Visualization is not the only effective technique that is used to keep stress under control. Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that many people find useful. The concept is that why lying down you work up your body (one muscle group at a time), and mentally relax each muscle group from your toes to the top of your head.

Some stress is actually healthy, but it must be controlled before it spirals out of control and causes physical and mental illnesses.

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The brain uses sleep to rebuild and restore itself. Lack of sleep, removes this important time for the brain to heal, and that has a direct effect on your mental stamina, as well as improving memory and alertness of the mind.

It has been studied that quality sleep on a regular basis can improve reaction time, as well as help with making smart quick decisions.


Thirty minutes of exercise each day is recommended, as this not only keeps your bones and muscles strong, but it allows your brain the ability to work at maximum capacities.

Set small goals

Big goals are excellent dreams to have and you should reach for them, and in time, possibly achieve them. However, it is also important for your brain to set small goals that are met on a daily or weekly basis. This positive repetition of meeting goals will set your brain up for achieving the larger goals you have set.

Proper nutrition

Eating right is one of the basics for building mental stamina. The brain craves proper nutrients, to function at full capacity. Processed foods should be avoided, and protein-based foods should be an important part of your “brain diet”. Blueberries, walnuts, and almonds are excellent food choices for increasing brain power.


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