Take Your Power Back

It seems to me that we are far too willing to forgo our freedoms for the promise of more safety, ease of life, and material gain. If we give up these freedoms, we think we will be much more secure and safe. To achieve this promised safety, we must comply and do what the ruling elite want us to do. Of course this includes our actions and decisions, but it goes much deeper than that. We are being increasingly told what to think and what to believe. We are giving up the only true freedom we all have – the freedom of thought. Take your power back! Stop mindlessly giving up your freedom of thought. Think for yourself!

Think For Yourself And Take Your Power Back

Very few people are actually thinking for themselves. They have handed over the power of their minds to the ruling elite. Freedom of thought is becoming increasingly rare. Do you want a world where you can think freely or a world where you have to think like everybody else?

So many people out there have been so conditioned by the education system, the media, the propaganda and popular culture that they are actually deficient in critical thinking and incapable of acting with courage. They are too afraid or too incompetent to think for themselves. So they have no recourse but to robotically obey the orders from those in charge. They have no power of thought. Take your power back!

I know everyone is worried about disease of the body. But what about disease of the mind? Is your mind being contaminated? Are you protecting your mind from harmful lies? Who or what has been influencing you?

The Elite Ruling Class Want Us To Be Weak

They need us to be weak. The weaker we are as people, the more control they can take.

Think for yourself. Believe in yourself. Recognize how strong you are. Don’t allow them to make you believe you are weak and helpless. Unfortunately, far too many people just roll over and allow their minds to be controlled. And they don’t even know it! It seems as if many people are submitting to this control with pleasure. They WANT to submit. 

When we all think for ourselves, the ability to control our minds is negated. We know who we are. We trust our own abilities. And we don’t need someone in power to tell us what to do or what to believe or what to think. Free thinking requires courage, not necessarily intelligence. Be brave!

Take your power back. Stop mindlessly handing over your power to those who are in charge. Think for yourself, take back control and free your mind.

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