Mentalist On “The Late Late Show”

The main reason I am writing this article is to educate you on what true hypnosis really is. And to help you dispel the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. So you can protect yourself from being influenced by other people. Someone recently sent me this clip showing a mentalist doing his tricks on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

Please watch this video before you read this article. Start watching at 4:00 – it will only take you 6 minutes. It’s very interesting…

What Is This Mentalist Doing?

To sum up what this mentalist Lior Suchard did – he influenced the audience to do exactly what he wanted. In this case, he had everyone in the audience, including the host James Corden, all draw the exact same thing. This mentalist was using a form of mind control. And he does explain how he does it at the end of the trick.

Now I get questions all the time of what hypnosis really is. Most people think these ‘mentalist tricks’ are what hypnotism really is. Just like all the things we’ve seen in entertainment and Hollywood. People think that hypnosis is some form of mind control where the hypnotist makes you act and think just like he commands.

Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

True Hypnosis Is Actually The Exact Opposite

True hypnosis is actually the exact opposite of what this mentalist is doing. When you use real hypnosis and hypnotherapy, you will remove the influences – so you can think for yourself. And outside influences, opinions, peer pressure will not affect your decisions. I will never give suggestions to make you think and believe anything other than the truth. I will NOT tell you what to do, what to believe, what to think. But what I will do is help you to remove the influences, the programming, the conditioning that may be preventing you from exercising your free thought and thinking for yourself.

Free Your Mind

Hypnosis will help you free your mind from the outside influences so you can think for yourself. The media, the government, and powerful institutions all know how to influence you. And most people are not aware of the control that they are under. These powerful and influential institutions are doing the same thing as this mentalist is doing in this video. The problem is nobody realizes it, or believes it, or wants to admit it.

This mentalist was setting the audience up to influence them. And everyone drew exactly what he wanted them to draw. Mind control is easier than you may think. No one had any idea that their decision was already made for them. They all thought they were exercising their free will. And everyone thought they came up with that idea on their own. They all thought it was their own free thought – and obviously it was not.

Have Your Choices Already Been Made For You?

When you are out shopping, or voting, or expressing your opinions – just ask yourself, are they really your choices? Or have all these choices and decisions already been made for you without you knowing it?

Is it possible that you have been programmed by powerful institutions just like the way this mentalist programmed his audience?

You can use hypnosis to set yourself free from these influences so you can think for yourself. Free your mind from the prison of lies and beliefs. And you will not be controlled by others.


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