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Find Peace With Hypnosis

Find Peace With Hypnosis

Everybody wants to be peaceful – especially at this holiday time of the year. But, of course, that is much more easily said than done. So how can you be more peaceful? You can find peace with hypnosis. When you get hypnotized and you go into a deep hypnotic trance, you will experience a deep,


Using Meditation For Better Sleep And Stress Management

This article is written by contributing writer Erin Keong. Meditation has been a part of many people’s routines for hundreds of years because it is a simple, free way to help them to live their best lives. It could also help you to manage your sleep habits and stress levels if you use it well.

Think Without Translating

Think Without Translating

At the end of this article is a wonderful Taoist story about how we often jump to conclusions too soon. And how we can learn to see the truth when we think without translating. Our rigid opinions can cloud and alter our thinking. We are so concerned with making an inflexible judgment when we hear

Hypnotize Me

Hypnotize Me TV Show

Recently, a new show has been running on the CW channel called “Hypnotize Me”. I was obviously quite interested in watching this show when I first heard about it. To sum up what the show is about – it really is just a game show. All the contestants have to accomplish certain tasks to make

Treat Yourself Right

Treat Yourself Right

It’s become so common for me to talk with a client and find out that they have not been kind to themselves. They are often brutal and cruel with themselves. The way they treat themselves, their inner dialogue, their whole demeanor towards themselves – it’s just nasty and mean.  While the majority of people are

Relax Your Way To Success

Relax Your Way To Success

You want to succeed, of course. And that desire for success can make you do things that you don’t necessarily want to do. It has been my experience that in order to be successful, you have to do the things that the other people are not willing to do. And sometimes, you can get caught

Fear Of Driving

Overcome The Fear Of Driving

I had read somewhere that the most common fear in New Jersey is the fear of driving. At first, I was surprised by this statistic. Until I started to realize how dangerous some of these roads and highways really are. The drivers in New Jersey can be so aggressive, careless and reckless. Sometimes, it’s like

Better Night's Sleep

How Can You Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is really beneficial for you – but it’s not always easy to get. If you struggle with falling asleep and you’ve tried every remedy in the book (even counting sheep!), we’ve put together a list of 13 ways for you to get high-quality sleep at night. We hope these recommendations will

When Was Hypnosis Discovered

When Was Hypnosis Discovered?

Many people often wonder when was hypnosis discovered. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact day or year or century when was hypnosis discovered. There are no historical records of the day. But hypnosis has been around since the dawn of time. This miraculous, healing gift from Mother Nature has been available to everyone

Hypnosis To De-Stress

Hypnosis To De-Stress

Probably the most common reason people come in to see me is for them to get help handling stress. Use hypnosis to de-stress. Stress, anxiety and fear have become so formidable. These negative influences have the ability to take over your mind and your life. One of the greatest benefits of hypnotherapy is the ability


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