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Fear Of Driving

Overcome The Fear Of Driving

I had read somewhere that the most common fear in New Jersey is the fear of driving. At first, I was surprised by this statistic. Until I started to realize how dangerous some of these roads and highways really are. The drivers in New Jersey can be so aggressive, careless and reckless. Sometimes, it’s like

Better Night's Sleep

How Can You Get A Better Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is really beneficial for you – but it’s not always easy to get. If you struggle with falling asleep and you’ve tried every remedy in the book (even counting sheep!), we’ve put together a list of 13 ways for you to get high-quality sleep at night. We hope these recommendations will

When Was Hypnosis Discovered

When Was Hypnosis Discovered?

Many people often wonder when was hypnosis discovered. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact day or year or century when was hypnosis discovered. There are no historical records of the day. But hypnosis has been around since the dawn of time. This miraculous, healing gift from Mother Nature has been available to everyone

Hypnosis To De-Stress

Hypnosis To De-Stress

Probably the most common reason people come in to see me is for them to get help handling stress. Use hypnosis to de-stress. Stress, anxiety and fear have become so formidable. These negative influences have the ability to take over your mind and your life. One of the greatest benefits of hypnotherapy is the ability

Manage Your Emotions

Manage Your Emotions With Hypnosis

When you learn to use hypnosis, you will learn how to manage your emotions. At times, we can all feel overwhelmed. Sometimes from the job, the family, the bills to pay, health problems, etc. It can be easy to get caught up in the emotions to deal with these challenges and problems. Manage Your Emotions

How To Hypnotize Other People

How To Hypnotize Other People

You can read all the books. You can read all the articles. You can watch all the videos, and listen to all the audios. But you will not learn how to hypnotize other people from these sources. There are so many books you can get – check out Amazon – some are called How To

Heal Emotional Anguish

Heal Emotional Anguish And Past Pain With Hypnotherapy

Everybody you know has dealt with emotional pain from something that happened in the past. For some people, it can be relatively mild. While for others it can be oppressive and life changing. You will probably never forget the past trauma and memories, but you can learn to handle the hurt and control the pain.

10 Benefits Of A Good Night's Sleep

10 Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

This article is written by contributing writer Shawn. Want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? – Sleep. Sleeping at night helps you in ways that you don’t even realize. It is the cure to almost all your problems. So, next time someone taunts you for ditching Saturday night parties for a night in, throw these

How Sleep Affects Your Mind

How Sleep Affects Your Mind

This article is written by contributing writer Eddie. The way we perceive the world and the way we react to even the smallest outside stimuli is decided in the brain. While we’re young, the brain has this amazing flexibility that allows it to adapt to the environment and learn as much as possible, but as

Gambling Addiction

Conquer Your Gambling Addiction With Hypnotherapy

In the past, I have done more than my fair share of gambling. I used to love going to casinos, playing craps, betting on sporting events, and playing cards for money. I was caught up in the excitement of “winning” money. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I had a gambling addiction. And


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